Compact Cement


Double-sided, self-supporting 10mm thick compact laminate top which is impregnated with aminoplastic and phenolic thermosetting resins. This provides consistent colour all the way through and a hygienic and easy to clean surface, which is resistant to impact and heat, scratch, wear and tear. This top is also 100% waterproof and has a low reflectivity to light, meaning it does not suffer damage from UV rays and isn’t subject to discoloration. It makes the compact top a perfect solution for outdoor use in busy cafes, bistros, bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels as well as up-market projects where creating an impression is critical. Can be square (700x700x10) or round (700 dia x 10). Compact table tops are fitted with inserts to fit Aluminium Flip Top, Braga, Fresh and Marina bases. Available finishes: white marble and black marble, terrazzo, cement, anthracite, white, taupe.


Width: 600/700mm
Depth: 600/700mm
Overall Height: 10mm